Alchemy of Nature

Nature is the backdrop to our whole lives. Natural beauty, gardening, growing food, appreciating flowers, being with animals - it all does something for us. When we are in nature, we are in touch with a deeper part of our Self. At a profound level, energy from nature - or the feelings it evokes in us - help us transform ourselves. Perhaps this transformation is alchemy of the soul.

The word alchemy in the Middle Ages meant the changing of base metal (such as lead) into gold, something far more precious. Our consciousness can be at a low level, or at a higher level - we usually feel better the higher it is. Perhaps the science of working on our selves as we learn through life and gain wisdom is a form of alchemy? An alchemy of our invisible thoughts and feelings, and our personalities, so that our life force can flow through us ever more effectively as we play our part on life’s stage?

My name is Andrew Tresidder (pronounced like consider!). I’ve practiced Family Medicine as a GP in Somerset, England since 1989. In my experience, when people are in tune with their selves, they blossom - and when they are out of tune, they go out of balance and can easily become unwell. It seems that nature has the ability to help us retune ourselves, and help bring us back into balance.


The whole film was in an online festival with Culture Unplugged (2014)