Welcome to Drops from Nature, a short but evocative inspiring look at what's below the surface in nature!

In the 1930's Dr Edward Bach discovered how harmonious energy from nature can stir our souls and help retune our feelings. This DVD shows Dr Andrew Tresidder explaining to TV Gardening Expert Rebecca Pow how flower essences can help us feel better.

If you enjoy this clip, then you may like to see the longer 37 minute DVD, Nature’s Alchemy. However - do beware - it may be ten minutes too long, says one of my friends. An another said - "Well, Andrew, apart from the six obvious mistakes - mike boom in shot, Maria wiping her nose, limping dog, limping cow, dog just done a woopsie, and advert for Hunter Wellies - it's very good. And I've watched it several times - I use it to get to sleep when I'm having difficulties...."

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Nature's Alchemy is an inspirational, spiritual and evocative insight into the healing power of flowers and plants of garden, meadow, hedgerow, riverbank and wood. Complementing the discovery of flower remedies by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930's, Nature's Alchemy goes several steps further. Presented by Dr Andrew Tresidder, a GP since 1989, and beautifully photographed by award-winning documentary maker Charles Wood, the visually stunning landscapes of England's Lake District and Somerset are the backdrops to showing how vibes from nature uplift us and make us feel so very much better.

Andrew is passionate about his subject matter of both grounding ourselves in nature and of using the gentle tools of flower essences to help us be happy. In conversation with television gardening expert Rebecca Pow, as well as psychologists, writers and organic farmers, Andrew's beliefs are affirmed, and the viewer is left in no doubt that flowers and plants are truly stars.

Gill Edwards (“Stepping into the Magic” and “Living Magically”) writes "This beautiful DVD is so gentle and healing, and leads you by the hand into another world, so that you scarcely notice you've passed from beliefs that everyone would share ("It feels good to be in nature") to beliefs that some might find more challenging ("Parts of you can split off in trauma, and essences can help you retrieve them"). It is beautifully filmed."

Julian Barnard (Healing Herbs) writes “It is beautifully made and a gentle thoughtful look at the whole subject. Congratulations.”

Hamish Miller - author, The Sun and the Serpent, Dowser, Sculptor says “We were deeply moved by your presentation - everything, superb camera shots, colour, music and your quiet confidence and appreciation of the power of plants was a beautiful illustration of how beautiful life can be. Thankyou!”

Some of this comes off the jacket! - but if you wanted my comments, I'd merely say - "please come, watch, enjoy, experience - then think on..."

So follow this link to buy the full length DVD Nature’s Alchemy!