The Flowers that star in the DVD

Flowers and plants that starred in this film include:

Bach Essences, with over 70 years of continuous use

Agrimony – Agrimonia eupatoria helps people who put a brave face of cheerfulness over inner distress, worries and fears. It brings the quality of peace and calm.

Beech – Fagus sylvaticus. Sometimes we drift into a state of being critical and intolerant of others – the energy of beech helps us become more tolerant and see more good in the world

Chicory – Chicorium intybus. Chicory brings the quality of unconditional love and care, instead of the needy possessive love that cries “Me, me, me!”

Elm – Ulmus procera is for overwhelm. Strong people can sometimes become overwhelmed by their responsibilities for a short while. Elm brings back inner strength, confidence and resilience

Gorse – Ulex europaeus. Many can benefit from Gorse, for it brings the quality of upliftment and hope, especially when one is feeling hopeless and resigned that nothing ore can be done for them.

Impatiens – Impatiens glandulifera. This important essence, one of the five in Dr Bach’s Rescue, helps brings the quality of patience. Some of us have quick minds, which are easily irritated when other people are too slow, and can become irritable, Impatiens slows these people down, and makes them more tolerant of others.

Larch – Larix decidua. Larch is for confidence, when it has evaporated – it brings back the quality, especially when we fear failure

Oak – Quercus robur. Some of us keep strong despite overwhelming difficulties. Life becomes a burden, yet we plod on. We can become exhausted. Oak renews our strength, helps us relax and find our own limits

Rock Rose – Helianthemum nummularium. This essence helps bring calm and courage to people who have fallen into a pattern of intense fear, maybe even terror. Rock Rose is another of the five in Dr Bach’s Emergency combination, Rescue Remedy

Scleranthus – Scleranthus annuus. The essence helps resolve indecision, when we cannot decide between two pathways. Tis is true both at a shallow level – indecisiveness – and a deep one, for taking the essence for a number of weeks can bring us important new insights as to our purpose and direction in life

Sweet Chestnut – Castanea sativa. This essence helps us when we find ourselves in “the dark night of the soul”, when we suffer anguish and feel that we are unable to reach out and touch anyone else emotionally, we feel separate and desolate. The quality of inner comfort and reaching out again is restored when we connect with the energy of this plant

Vervain – Verbena officianalis. Some of us are bossy because we know what is right for other people, we are passionate and excessively enthusiastic about sharing our truth  - but we can be stressed and insistent. Vervain helps us relax and allow other people to just be – it helps us be more ourselves

Wild Rose – Rosa canina. People who benefit from Wild Rose have a resignation and sadness, accepting of their situation, but lacking the energy to lift themselves out of it. Taking the essence brings energy, vitality and renewed enthusiasm

Remember – you don’t have to feel unwell to want to be better – and you don’t have to wait till the fuel tank is completely empty before filling up!

Other plants featured include the following. The essence properties of these plants are still being discovered, but some provisional indication is provided by these descriptions. The descriptions only give a part of the full picture

Black Hellebore – essence use not yet known

Blue Hyacinth - grounding and clarity

Daisy – Bellis perennis. Brings the quality of peace and innocence when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or confused.

Motherwort – Leonurus cardiaca. Supports resolution of mother bonding issues, to allow full emotional separation and growth into maturity

Purple Toadflax – Linaria purpurea. When we separate from a loved one or lover, we often leave a “part of our soul”, a part of our selves with them. Purple toadflax helps us recognize what is ours and not ours, and appears to facilitate an almost shamanic process of swapping soul fragments and replacing them to where they belong.

Blue Salvia - Salvia oleaginosa – brings peace and inner knowing of how to use our energy when we have a habit of “blowing it all off” in a froth of words

Star Magnolia – Magnolia stellata – a group of people described this as grounding, bringing a feeling of power and connection with the divine infinite, yet soft and soothing – essence use not fully known

St John’s Wort – protection, calm and guidance