In this section you will find some recent articles by Andrew Tresidder.

May we all come to know

May we all come to know that life and love flow through us all that we are all agents of Life, and that we know from within, our purpose, and that we work it out for the highest good of all and the glory of God, the God-Force, the Everywhere Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, the Source of All That Is, which energises Life, of which we are part.

Life and love flows through us all as a continuous expanding stream of this life and love and may all come to know this life and love as their own truth - for when we feel separate and small and cut-off, we feel alone and afraid - and then the fear constricts us and becomes our reality, rather than the glory and magnificence and wonder that is life.

So let love flow through us, as we breathe rhythmically in and out, in tune with the flow of the universe, connected to all, supported by the love that flows everywhere, forever.