Choosing Essences Intuitively

Have you ever been choosing essences intuitively for someone else, and then found they were quite wrong? For the other person I mean! When working intuitively, it seems as though we have to rebalance ourselves first, before we can be in a position to help anyone else.

This can be done over a matter of just a few minutes. Sounds surprising? It's actually very easy. Just open out a few boxes of essences, and allow yourself to be guided to choose bottles in sequence. As you pick up each essence, either put a drop on your wrists (like perfume) or tongue, or just hold the bottle and allow yourself to soak up the vibes, and rebalance to that particular tuning fork.

Issues or memories may come to mind, and your surface emotions may change as you treat each layer of the onionskins, and get closer to the stillness that is at the centre, closer to a secure point of balance.

There may well be noticeable outward effects - once a speaker was demonstrating this in front of the group. After holding just four Bach essences in sequence, he was visibly calmer and more balanced, and his voice had dropped in pitch. On another occasion, an overworked colleague, new to essences, chose and used ten Bach and Australian Bush in sequence. His wife then remarked, "He's looking chirpier than he has done for ages!" After the sequence, it was easy to choose an appropriate treatment combination.

A former paramedic, again new to essences, was able to choose a sequence for himself from Bach and Australian Bush. This helped him move through and observe various layers of emotion he held. When choosing like this, the surface emotion may bear little relevance to the need for an essence when you read the literature. For instance, Dagger Hakea (Aus Bush) is for deep enmity within families so you might expect to see an emotion of hatred or anger. However, after another essence had uncovered a layer of sadness, John immediately picked up Dagger Hakea. He talked about his father briefly, recounted the poor relations they'd had - then smiled.

Seeing sadness, you might expect to use Wild Rose - perhaps Gentian or Gorse - but I really hadn't expected Dagger Hakea to be the one to change this state so profoundly.

It seems that many people are able to sense something when just scanning a box of essences with the hand – curious, really!!

Do be careful about either rescuing someone or showing off! I remember once taking the opportunity to dowse for a sceptical colleague, and insisting that he had some unfinished emotional sadness from 17 years previously (Mustard, Walnut and Wild Rose). He couldn't recall anything. With some embarrassment I later realised that it was my own unfinished business showing up, not his! – you can't force help on someone if it's not asked for!

Do be careful not to use too many in your enthusiasm (Vervain!) because it's possible to become ungrounded and feel floaty (sometimes a nice feeling.) This shows the need to hang onto your Earth Chakra (below your feet) and pull yourself down, and also balance Base, Sacral and Solar plexus Chakras in particular. Several makers produce Chakra sets. Ilminster Essence Hyacinth Blue Alc is also very grounding, pulling your energy body close back to the physical and holding you down.

Becoming 'floaty' can also happen when you're dealing with a whole lot of trauma - a literal 'helping hand' from someone else can be valuable. The technique of Emotional Stress Release (EmSR) is as follows: If someone puts their left hand on your forehead, and right on your back over the heart, you feel very supported and stabilised, and can sometimes move swiftly through an emotional blockage whilst your eyes are closed. (The other person should take Walnut to protect against your wayward vibes!) Do remember to come back down to earth gently from your imagination allowing first your mind to return to today, then to the room, and then into your body. Next, wiggle your toes and stretch your fingers, to feel yourself 'back in' and finally allow your eyes to open, in their own time. Only then is it wise for the other person to let go after supporting you into, through and out the other side of whatever it is that you've processed.

Sometimes, in a sequence dealing with deep emotional trauma from abuse or some other circumstances, you may need to use EmSR several times- and you can even do it yourself, with your own hand(s) on your forehead. (So that's what's meant by the gesture we all use when we're stressed!) Have fun! – and remember that when choosing intuitively, we always have to be 'clear' and in balance ourselves before we can help anyone else. It seems that intuitively our default option is always ourselves first!