Dear Friend...

This is one example of a letter you might write to a friend in need. Feel free to adapt your own letters in whatever way you feel best - this is just a suggestion.

Dear Friend

I write you this letter to express my love and support at this difficult time.

How could I possibly judge you for what happens on your journey in life? For no-one judges each of us more severely than we ourselves, as you know.

At every moment, life offers opportunities for learning. This learning has many levels, from the most banal, to the most profound.

In our learning, we experience our feelings, some of these are painful, and when we feel pain, we become pain, and it hurts.

Sometimes, we hurt so much that we have to do something. We only ever have three options - to bury the pain, to cast it at someone else, or to examine it, to hold it, and to resolve it - to 'res-love' it.

Yet we can only resolve the pain of unfinished experiences with support. For some of us, talking about it helps, for a trouble shared is one halved. For some, writing about it, and then burning our letters can help. For others, reflection using homeopathy or flower essences supports us in our dark and difficult times.

For at one time or another, in turn we may all play abused, and abuser, leader, and black sheep, little pleaser, little rebel, bully or scapegoat. To resolve these ego states, to transcend them, and to learn from the, requires us to observe and feel the pain of each, then use support to move on. It is not good if the record remains stuck (an old vinyl LP, or a scratched CD), so the tune (or the story), can never finish.

So I offer you support, and ask you to look within, to find your path, to examine it, and use essences to heal it, to make it whole and complete. There are many flower and vibrational essences I have found particularly helpful for such issues, including the Grief Set, The Abuse Set, the Spiritual Abuse Set, the Self Set, and the Emotional Understanding Set from White Dove Flower Essences in Scotland, and many others from many skilled flower essence makers around the world. Other tools that I have found personally helpful are homeopathic remedies, often just held, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and EmSR (Emotional Stress Release). I'm sure there are others you may know about - please have a go , and make this lifetime a journey of healing, for yourself and all whom you touch.

With love and best wishes,

PS: In this lifetime we have the best opportunity ever to heal ourselves, our hurts, our pain, and issues that lie within us, carried for generations - and our planet.