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The name of presenter is Sergey Malozemov. 

"The scientific investigation of Sergey Malozemov. City- the killer"

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EM stress is not yet taught at medical school, but can, for some people be an important contributory cause of ill-health.

Any difficulties with health can be caused by:

  • Individual issues
  • Environmental issues

Both need addressing to help people become healthier.

The human body is composed of physical organs, blood, bone, muscles, nerves and so on - but it also consists of invisible energy fields permeating this physical body (a bit like a computer having hardware, but also invisible software programmes running on this hardware.

The world is filled with energy fields - the air between people conducts sound (energy), the space between people conducts light (energy), and modern physics tells us that nothing is actually solid - everything is composed of tiny particles and waveforms (energy patterns).

Now, there are two types of energy patterns - those harmonious to health, and those which are not. (Just as music can be harmonious, or disharmonious) - (smooth or jangly!).

Electrical devices emit electrical fields and magnetic fields. Because these fields are invisible and cannot usually be felt, it is easy to ignore them, and to assume (wrongly) that they are not relevant to health.

The fields that are worst for our health may be long exposure, low intensity fields, such as those that may be found in the bedroom.

There is a definite problem, but when we look at the recognition of problems by industry, there is a definite sequence of responses (eg the tobacco industry and the effect of cigarettes on health). The sequence runs along the lines of...

  • There isn't a problem
  • There isn't a problem 
  • Perhaps there is a problem, but it is insignificant 
  • Perhaps there is a problem, but it's small and unimportant 
  • The problem is under control 
  • Oh my God, we have a problem (and we're not sure how to tackle it, so let's offload it or blame someone else).

We tend to assume that electrical devices are safe and benign, at least as far as the fields are concerned - but this is not necessarily true. Useful articles are at the following sites:



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Environmental issues

Part of the answer is to be aware of the problem, and try to minimise it.

Avoid or minimise exposure.

In the house, useful tips in the bedroom are to unplug electric blankets, computers and televisions at night, and avoid having a clock radio near your head, or any transformer such as a mobile phone charger.

One child of 8 had developed headaches just six weeks before I saw him. When I asked, it became clear that the headaches had started very soon after a television was placed in the room next to his bedroom, close to his head. Disconnecting it stopped his headaches immediately.

In another case, a 22 year old woman developed headaches over a period of 2 months. She already had a good diet, with no additives and minimal coffee, and had previously cut out dairy products (this had cured her irritable bowel syndrome of abdominal pains, bloating, wind and loose stool). She, like many women, is intuitively sensitive and can often feel the emotions in a room, or in someone else. She used a mobile phone, but mainly for texting, and had no hands-free phone in the house. However, she did keep the mobile on charge next to her bed, with the transformer quite near her head every night, and also often on her person during the day. I asked her to change this, and this was her comment.

Hello Dr Tresidder,
I just wanted to email you to say I am feeling much better from not having my mobile on me. I always turn it off at night and put it in a different room. I have also noticed that turning my digital box on my tv in my bedroom off at night helps and not going on the internet just before going to bed gives me a better nights sleep. I have noticed a huge difference in my stress levels at work since I have not been having my mobile on me I feel a lot more relaxed. Even now while writing this email I can feel the pressure building in my head from being connected to the internet. Thank you for helping me solve my headaches even though everyone thinks I'm mad when I say my mobile makes me ill. I certainly notice a difference. Thank you.
See you soon, from Natalie.

The sites mentioned above have other tips. Particularly interesting are some of the publications written by Alasdair and Jean Philips of Powerwatch http://www.powerwatch.org.uk/ on Electrical Hypersensitivity, A Modern Illness and allied topics.

Individual Issues

The other part of the problem is to strengthen the individual, to try to restore health.

One of the difficulties here is that feeling unwell often has many contributory causes (multifactorial in medical jargon). For instance, you might be chronically sleep depleted, exposed to electrical fields in the bedroom, noise at work, rarely get any fresh air, take little exercise, drink too much tea and coffee, never eat fruit and vegetables, be emotionally stressed due to past difficulties and present relationship problems, then you get home from work, the dog barks and the children scream , and you have to make supper - no wonder you get a migraine at that point! - and removing just one stressor may make a difference - but really it's all of them that have contributed to the problem.

So eliminate as many negatives as possible, and accentuate the positives.

This is where devices such as magnets, or the Implosion research devices, can, for some people, make a big difference to health. Other people are helped by using vibrational tuning forks such as Flower Essences - Australian Bush Flower Essences have produced an Electrostress Essence, which one long-haul airline pilot described as giving him the best three hours sleep in the air for years (he was on his rest break at the time……). Vibes preserved in brandy, essences can be used on the skin of the wrist or temple, or in water and then sipped or as sprays. 

Another important essence to help is Yarrow Environmental Formula, from FES.

Both are available from Universal Essences www.universalessences.com

The area of using Essences to strengthen people in relation to Disharmonious fields such as EM stress is a research area that is gaining importance.

However, much is known about how flower essences can help emotional well-being, currently a growth area in society. See

www.bafep.com for British Producers
www.edwardbach.org for a non-promotional site about Bach Flower Remedies
www.drandrew.co.uk for general flower essence information

Good luck!

Caution note: if you have any medical condition, or you are unsure about your symptoms, do consult your doctor.


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Andrew Tresidder