Transmitting Technology the Mistaken Presumption of No Harm!

In the field of Medicine, “Primum Non Nocere” is enshrined as a core value – it means – “in the first place, do no harm”.

Unfortunately, in the field of the Engineering roll-out of Transmitting Technology, this does not seem to be the case. There is a presumption of No Harm, without effort to ensure it – and a serial ignoring of evidence that does not suit the argument

This presumption means that ‘consumer’s concerns about health’ are being dismissed as merely concerns, whilst ‘we wait for conclusive scientific proof’. Early sufferers will be dismissed as having psychosomatic complaints. Early complainants are likely to be fobbed off, ridiculed or persecuted as heretics.

We waited very many years for scientific accepted proof about the dangers of smoking, all the while facing an obstructive and defensive tobacco industry, supported by society and governmental attitudes at the time. And whilst the proof was evolving, it was countered at every turn by obfuscation, gerrymandering, pseudo-science and criticism from the industry. There are other examples in history.

Ionising radiation, now known to be harmful and strictly regulated, for many years was ‘safe’, especially in the UK, whose regulatory standards lagged other countries by up to 50 years. There is a current presumption that non-ionising radiation is ‘safe’. This is false, a tragic mistake for society, that we are all complicit in.

Meanwhile UK regulatory limits for smart phones, smart meters, mobile phones, cordless phones, wifi routers and so on are set on historical and outdated limits – based only on heating effects, all the while that foreign understanding leaps ahead of us. The main mistaken assumption in regulation is that only Power effects are relevant, not low level Signal effects. This merely reflects a failure to recognise modern understanding of biological cell signalling and so on.

The safety levels also ignore the interplay between all these different frequencies, and the cumulative stresses on biological systems (ie people and bodies) which sooner or later result in, or contribute to, illness.

In military understanding it’s very easy – jam your enemy’s communications – and this is what is happening to a degree with widespread use of transmitting technology. Affecting biological systems to known and unknown extents is playing Russian roulette with evolution – though we now know from a multiplicity of research papers that there truly are serious biological harms, including cancers. The same technology has actually been developed, albeit at specific frequency settings, as covert offensive weapons

The Austrian Medical Association has grave concerns about the whole issue, and has issued guidance on the condition of ill-health :

The challenge for society – including Government and Industry is whether to accept the presumption of no harm and proceed regardless to over-ride ‘consumer’s health concerns’ – or whether to consider that the roll-out of a designedly all-pervasive signal strength actually does have unintended ill-effects on individuals (though not all initially) – and whether there is a responsibility to recognize and act upon this. The early problems manifest as Canaries in the Coal mine – who died before humans when fire-damp was present.

IF the brief to industry was to accept a presumption of possible harm, then it is still possible to proceed – we just have to ask the scientists and engineers to design safety and health into the system. For instance, for smart meter roll-out, signaling could take place down fibre-optic or even utility power cables, rather than by yet more radio-frequency (microwave) transmissions that pervade the human living space.

It is likely that this advice will be ignored by many, including those in authority, as society slowly traverses the curve of ‘there is no problem, there is no problem, there is no problem, there can’t be a problem, well perhaps there might be a problem, well I admit there is a problem but it’s very small, to Oh My God, we have a problem’.

Vested interests, manipulation, sycophancy and other typical human behaviours will attempt to subvert well-intentioned honest individuals – and the usual patterns of silencing, ridiculing or eliminating critics will no doubt continue to occur as it has throughout history when Power is confronted with the challenge of wielding Wisdom free from self interest.

We wait patiently for human society to play out this particular drama – one that affects every being on the planet

 Please see a recent BBC1 broadcast on this, with Dr Andrew Tresidder speaking on the subject