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EM Pollution and Electromagnetic Stress – Advice Sheet (may be ahead of time)


Human health is a delicate balance. It can be adversely affected by interfering factors such as chemical pollution, smoke, pollens, moulds, the food we eat, what we drink, lack of sleep, lack of fresh air, lack of sunlight, lack of fresh water and so on.

Electromagnetic pollution is another cause, which stresses the body. Our bodies were developed over millions of years in an environment free from pollution and man-made EM signals (which are hugely stronger than any natural ones).


Symptoms may be none, or include tiredness, poor quality sleep, irritability, heart palpitations, headaches and a feeling of pressure in the head, speech and thinking disturbance, brain fog, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo, tinglings and odd sensations in the limbs, joint pains, rashes and others.

Electromagnetic problems are caused by

1.     field effects from cables and appliances (such as lights, hairdryers, washing machines, cookers, bedside radios etc)

2.     signal and power effects from microwave transmitting technology, such as microwave ovens, mobile phone masts, cordless phone base stations and handsets, mobile phones, wireless routers, Wii devices, laptop computers, printers, home and office alarm sensors, iPads, Blackberries and others, baby alarms, Smart Meters for utilities, and wireless central heating controls, and Bluetooth devices in the car


Transmitting technology is now widespread compared to ten years ago. Many houses now contain a range of transmitters from the list above. Some only transmit when used (leaky microwave ovens and mobile phones) others for 24 hours a day – such as wifi routers, home alarms, cordless phones, baby and domestic alarms and others. (Microwaves were used to make people unwell during the Cold War)

Accepted biological effects of EM fields include increased incidence of childhood leukaemia (, adverse effects on sperm production, pregnancy success, embryo development, hormonal disruption and others, whilst many diseases such as depression, motor neuron and Parkinson’s diseases, several cancers, behavioural problems, cataracts and others have an association with EM Fields.


Mechanisms include changes in calcium influx, failure of repair of DNA breaks, blood brain barrier permeability, heat shock protein production, disruption of vital melatonin production (by blue light from screens), general sympathetic (stress) upregulation of the body and others including probably disruption of cell to cell signaling. The overall effect will be to age us all more quickly…


The Council of Europe recommends a Precautionary approach, although current UK Health protection Agency Advice is based on heating effects of transmissions only, not the observed signal effects. IARC says that transmitting technologies are a Class 2b possible carcinogen


What should you do to help you and your family?

Learn about the issue (and remember that industry pressure may stop much discussion or reporting of the issue, or ridicule the ‘Canaries in the Coal Mine” who are the early sufferers).,,

Dr Mallery-Blythe on:


Key is to minimize your exposure in the home, especially during sleep time. Switch off wifi routers and cordless phone base stations and any other devices you can (wherever they are in the house – remember the signal is designed to go throughout the house), put iPads and others onto airplane mode. Get a wired router and adaptor system for the computer to use through the ring main. Remember that your wireless router and other convenience devices are Class 2B possible carcinogens (cause cancer) Consider changing alarm sensors to passive only (rather than active/passive which use microwaves), and ask yourself if you need wireless central heating controls. Avoid getting a wireless (in some countries they use wired ones) Smart Meter –consider watching the vimeo on Beings of Resonance (James Russell) on  also 

And learn about everything you can to protect you health! Good Luck and Go Well!

NB please do not take this on trust – make up your own mind – and remember this advice may be three years ahead of general acceptance, so some people may disagree