All information on this website is given in good faith. However, flower essences do not work all the time for everybody, nor are they a complete or exclusive system of healing for the emotions. This resource site is not intended to deliver a universal panacea. It is a synthesis of experiences designed to serve as a map to help you on a journey toward greater health.

This website is for reference only and should not be used instead of properly qualified medical or health practitioner advice. Always get an orthodox medical diagnosis, particularly to exclude unsuspected and undiagnosed important illness, and as part of your partnership with health practitioners on your journey of health.

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Please make full use of the information on this site and use your intelligence and intuition too. If in doubt, make a modest trial first and observe the outcomes, or contact a properly qualified health practitioner.

Important note: Dr Bach advised that Flower Essences should not be used in cases of psychosis, schizophrenia, possession and similar. This advice is still valid today, as the underlying pathology is not just a simple psychological imbalance.

If you are allergic to alcohol or to any particular flower, do not take them by mouth. To minimise these effects, either slow your rate of taking the essences, or put them onto the front of your wrists direct from a stock bottle.

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Compatibility and Side Effects

Flower essences are compatible with all allopathic and complementary medicines. On occasion, allopathic, homeopathic, herbal or other approaches may be more appropriate than essence therapy. Side effects are rare and generally limited to intolerance to the brandy carrier. These may be headaches, nausea or heartburn, each of which I have seen, albeit rarely.

A few individuals, when starting essence therapy, have headaches. The mechanism of this is possibly that many of us carry a large load of toxic emotions, chemicals, and nutritional imbalances.

When a healing process is first initiated by a catalyst such as a flower essence, the body heaves a sigh of relief and exhibits symptoms of release, just as some people work flat out all week, then wonder why they get a migraine at the weekend. Of course, it is only when your foot is taken off the accelerator pedal that you can hear the rattles that you have been able to ignore!

Nausea and heartburn appear to occur only to people who may be intolerant to brandy in particular, or to alcohol in general, such as to people on special diets. To minimise these effects, either slow your rate of taking the essences, or put them onto the front of your wrists direct from the stock bottle.