Acupressure and Grumpy Fingers

Did you know that we can sometimes change surface emotions, fast, by pressing on our fingers? Well, here's how...

Have you ever wanted a quick method to get control of your emotions?

Have you ever had a situation where you felt any of the following? Shame, guilt, fear, anger, frustration, inner rage, sorry for yourself, sad, misunderstood or unloved? Especially where you got stuck in this frame of mind, and just couldn’t let it go?

Normally, feelings flow effortlessly from state to state, and resolve back to detached normality.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a particular state – and that’s when we need help. Fortunately, help is at hand – literally!

Many people have heard of acupuncture: the long established art of placing needles on particular points on the body to influence health positively, by bringing about balance. It’s thought that acupuncture points are far from random, as different electrical potentials are present on the skin at these points. It’s claimed that different points are connected in lines of ‘meridians’, and that each has a particular influence on the body.

Now each of us has a Body, and a Being – hardware, and software. It’s thought that the two are intimately interconnected, and that using acupuncture works to rebalance software discord. When our software is in harmony, then our hardware works better – and we feel healthier.

Acupressure is the use of finger pressure on acupuncture points to achieve a similar effect – though may be less profound than needles. However, most of us don’t carry needles with us – and even if we did, using them in public is a bit obvious, really!

Helpfully, on either side of the base of every finger and thumb (and toes if you want to bend down) are acupressure points that work to rebalance the body’s software balance – it may have benefits on hardware as well, but it’s the software effects we’re concerned with here.

So, whenever we find ourselves out of balance, or stuck in a particular frame of mind, finding the right acupressure point can release the stuck state and allow us to get back towards balance. I say towards, because sometimes we carry several layers of imbalance, and releasing one stuck state reveals the layer beneath – and it’s only when you’ve dealt with all the layers that you’re back in balance.

How does it work? Goodness only knows, but it certainly seems to sometimes.

So how do we do it? Simple – just pinch one of your finger nails between thumb and index finger of the other hand, at the base (nearer the palm) of the nail, on the sides (not front to back) – and something happens. Well, it does if you’re squeezing the right nail!

Now, let’s practice. Pretend you are upset (not, angry, but distressed, and just upset, not with anything in mind), and try squeezing you left thumbnail. Anything happen? No? Well, no surprise – this doesn’t work for almost anyone else either. Now try the index finger, now the middle, now the ring, and finally the little. Spend about 5-10 seconds each time. So which one works for you?

I can only say which works for me, because it may vary between people, and also words that describe an emotional state may not be describing the same state for different people.

Back to the upset state. For me, middle finger left hand shifts that feeling, and often, below that state is feeling sorry for myself (left little), and sadness (left ring). If I feel angry, such as when cut up in traffic, then middle and ring fingers of the right hand seem to shift the date (and very often below the judgment of anger, is a personal feeling of inadequacy (left little and ring).

The next picture is me before using middle finger left hand:

The other day, I saw a poor woman of 25 who had felt down for years. She was the fourth in a large family, and had always felt one down in life – mixed with quite a bit of anger. After gaining her trust (she’d spent several years in institutions), she let me show her how Grumpy Fingers might help. Within minutes, she could feel things improving as her perspective changed. From a frightened child, rocking herself in front of me, she quickly started to take control and responsibility for herself. She gave a smile as she knew that here was something for her – something she could really use in life to smooth out the bumps and help her grow. Sometimes it’s the obstacles in life’ way that prevent us from gaining the benefit from our experiences and moving forward. I trust that this young lady will now do well.

The fun comes when you start practicing with all sorts of states – and then you find you can resolve them quickly – without anyone else noticing. All sorts of people have told me how helpful it is to them, and considering that it is often stuck feelings that cause wayward or out of balance behaviour, it’s worth resolving the little things as soon as you notice them. Other the “dog’ of our behaviour is being wagged by the ‘tail’ of an unresolved feeling – but why should we let it?

Sometime we can spend years holding on to old patterns of thoughts and feelings – and for some of them, the answer is in our own hands –literally!

Why not try it out – and have some fun?

There are some rather more sophisticated ways of using acupressure for feelings, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) – the following sites have some good info about them – but I find the “grumpy Fingers’ Approach is a handy (!) and unobtrusive way to get started!,,

Good luck! – and why not help a friend by offering to do their grumpy fingers for them…. (but do make it fun, otherwise you’ll get caught in the weather and the crossfire!)