Emotional Stress Release

Sit the person down, legs uncrossed, feet flay on ground, eyes closed, tongue behind top teeth, mouth closed. 
Slow deep breathing through nose, right into abdomen and out again.

Relax them: “feel any tension draining away from your feet and ankles into the ground”
“feel any tension now ...... knees, thighs, etc up to head (hips, pelvis, tummy,  chest, hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulder, neck, lower jaw, upper jaw, eyes, forehead)

Ground yourself – you must also be clean (hand on forehead, chakras (energy centers), Rescue Remedy, etc)

Now, you are:

a) in control – supporting them
b) responsible
c) will possibly feel their emotions – don’t trap them in – let them move across your face
d) Will remain very calm


Left hand on person’s forehead
Right hand on back, over head

Allow them to feel relaxed.

Make sure they keep breathing in and out, slowly and deeply, calmly.

Allow/encourage/permit them to let their mind wander to, and reflect on the difficult circumstance.  Allow them to “sob, shed a tear, cry, shout, if they wish”. It may help to suggest that they watch the event “as if on a cinema screen” if the event was too traumatic, or even “watch themselves watching the event on a television screen”

Guide them to keep this in mind,

to gently concentrate on it
to gently concentrate on it
to allow themselves to really feel the feelings
to keep concentrating on the feelings
to really feel the feelings

and then, almost accidentally, the “stuck music” will start to move, and the emotion will suddenly move on.

Keep them concentrating on it, till it has disappeared.
When every little corner of the incident has been explored, ask the person if they feel comfortable.

If so, ask them to bring their mind forward, to (year) (month) (day and date) and back to (county), (place) (room) and into their body.
Ask them to feel the ground pushing up against their feet, the chair pushing up their backside, and then to

Wiggle toes
Stretch fingers,
Feel their teeth with the tongue
And, gently, in their own time, to open their eyes.

Some people don’t want to come back – always encourage them to gently and slowly

NB, afterwards: Clean yourself:  (hand on forehead, wash hands/energy field, flower essence spray, visualization etc)