Individual Essences

The Bach, Masters and Australian Bush Ranges

This section reviews the complete Bach system, one important range of essences from the USA and one from Australia. The Bach system is the basic introductory range for many people worldwide, but both the Masters and the Australian Bush are also 'entry level' essences.

There are numerous makers in Britain and elsewhere.

Each essence will be described with a keynote, the negative aspect, and the positive potential catalysed by taking the essence.

Bach Flower Essences

Agrimony - Brave Face, Tortured Inside. A cheerful exterior hides an inability to express inner worries and anxieties. Trying hard to keep the peace and avoid showing their inner feelings, even to themselves. Positive side is inner calm whilst honestly expressing real feelings.

Aspen - Fears of Unknown Origin. Recurrent fears, apprehension and anxieties of unknown origin. Often in children frightened of the dark or nightmares. Sometimes sudden panic attacks, perhaps with trembling or sweating. Positive side is inner strength and security.

Beech - Critical Intolerance. Rigid, critical and narrow minded, judging others in a situation. Often irritated by other people's habits. Positive side is tolerance and a great understanding of the wider aspects of life.

Centaury - Can't Say No. Often weak willed, certainly as far as own needs are concerned, neglecting these to please and serve others. Give in easily to please others and deny themselves to avoid confrontation. Positive side is the ability to say No without guilt, bringing an assertiveness that allows their own needs to be met.

Cerato - Lack of Confidence to Follow Own Judgement. Although knowing what their inner wisdom is telling them, they do not trust this, and seek approval and advice from others. May follow fashion slavishly. Positive side is trusting in own inner guidance, quietly self-reliant.

Cherry Plum - Sense of Losing Control of Your Mind. Sensitive, highly-strung and easily getting to the stage of an outburst of temper and anger, wanting to scream or shout or hit someone - finding it difficult to unwind. Useful in some cases of PMT. Positive side is tremendous inner calm, being centred and connected to a deep inner resource of calm, courage and resilience.

Chestnut Bud - Repeating Mistakes in Life. Often slow learners in life, repeating the same mistakes again and again - for example staying in unhappy jobs or relationships. Failing to learn from life's experiences and forgetting them, thus do not learning from them. Positive side is to be mentally flexible, picking things up quickly and learning from each of the lessons that life presents. Doing this enables rapid, successful progress on life's journey. A very useful helper essence to use regularly.

Chicory - Selfish, Possessive Love. Emotional needy, seeking to be loving and kind only if there is a direct benefit to self. Becoming manipulative and interfering in relationships, and feeling insecure unless love, money or material things flow their way. Positive aspects are genuine generosity and unconditional love, without strings attached, and the ability to let others be themselves whilst feeling secure oneself.

Clematis - Day Dreaming. Appearing vague dreamy and inattentive, not being fully present - mind is often elsewhere. Living in the future or a fantasy world of ideals, may appear not to hear, and feel a lack of vitality. Positive side is being mentally present and focused at all times, bringing vitality, willpower and a good memory.

Crab Apple - Feelings of Uncleanness. The 'spring clean remedy' for all levels especially if one has developed a feeling of disgust with some aspect of oneself, whether bodily (such as spots) or mind (such as obsession with trivia). The positive side is to accept oneself and others, imperfections and all, and to focus on the wider picture of life, not the smaller details.

Elm - Temporarily Overwhelmed. Strong, capable people sometimes suffer from 'the straw that breaks the camel's back', and become exhausted after a spurt of effort. Often good managers and working in positions of responsibility. Taking Elm brings back the positive qualities of unshakeable reliability and inner resilience, and restores the ability to cope.

Gentian - Depressed and Discouraged at Setbacks. Lacking faith in life and themselves and are easily discouraged and despondent when a setback occurs, or when things get difficult. Positive aspect is a positive optimistic outlook on life and a trust that everything is happening according to a perfect plan, involving oneself to one's own greatest benefit.

Gorse - Hopelessness and Despair. Without any obvious setbacks, people needing Gorse have lapsed into a deep despair of "Oh, what's the use of trying? - it's all going wrong". The positive side is renewed vigour and mental optimism in all circumstances. Particularly useful in longterm illness or relationship or job problems, where the person has lost hope of recovering.

Heather - Fussy Self-Centredness. Always worried about their own symptoms or concerns, and dominating conversations with others by talking about what interests (or worries) them. The positive aspect is the unselfish listener and helper - outward going and with a wide range of interests which will uplift others.

Holly - Jealousy, Envy, Revenge, Suspicion, Touchiness and Greed. These are strong negative emotions which at their strongest include hatred. The cause is a blockage that stops love flowing through a person to others. Taking Holly brings the quality of unconditional love, and an understanding perspective on life.

Honeysuckle - Living in the Past. Mentally cannot forget the past and feeling attached to it, perhaps by reason of bereavement, redundancy or similar. They look back at happier times and do not expect such happiness again. Positive side is to release the attachments that hold one back from present or future happiness, and allow one to live positively in the here and now.

Hornbeam - Monday-Morning Feelings. Mental weariness - waking up tired and without the drive to face the day. Hornbeam types usually cope, because they are lifted by something interesting that happens, but they lack enthusiasm to motivate themselves, sometimes as a result of prolonged mental effort. Taking Hornbeam brings back a fresh lively mind, keenly interested in life and events.

Impatiens - Impatience and Irritability. Especially with others, the person needing Impatiens is quick but unforgiving - he cannot see why the other person is slower in either grasp or performance. Often prefers to work alone, and poor at delegating because he does it better himself. Temper may flare up rapidly, then die down just as quickly. The remedy brings patience, calm and tolerance and understanding of others.

Larch - Lacking Confidence. For when the confidence is there, but it has evaporated. Such people feel they are not able to achieve the same things as others, expecting to fail or do badly. Actually they fail only to acknowledge their own inner potential, and so do not try to draw from the inner confidence they possess. Positive side is to be in touch with your inner confidence, bringing self-esteem and ability to take the initiative.

Mimulus - Fears from Known Causes. Often timid and shy, people needing Mimulus keep their fears to themselves. These are fears such as fear of illness, accidents, poverty, spiders, and the dark. The positive side is quiet gentle courage and an ability to face their concerns without fear.

Mustard - Deep Gloom Without Cause. The Mustard type of gloom comes suddenly out of the blue, sits over one like a dark cloud, then just as quickly disappears. It can be severe and frightening. Taking Mustard brings back unshakeable joy and cheerfulness, along with inner calm.

Oak - Strong Person but Exhausted. As when you have overworked and pushed yourself beyond the limit of endurance over a period of time, becoming drained and exhausted and fatigued. The positive side is the return of the ability to conscientiously press on, to support the family, colleagues and recognising when to delegate or to take time off for refreshment.

Olive - Mental and Physical Exhaustion. Energies all spent after giving a great deal to other people or to situations over a period of time, leaving one drained and depleted. May be at the point of tears, and everything becomes an effort. Positive side is the return of strength and vitality, and great inner energy.

Pine - Guilt and Low Self-Esteem. Pine people blame themselves for anything that goes wrong, including other people's mistakes. They may feel they deserve their lot in life, and feel unworthy of anything better. Taking Pine brings inner forgiveness and restores self-worth, allowing one to accept oneself realistically and admit one's own faults without feeling bad.

Red Chestnut - Worries about Others. People needing this essence always fear the worst - "He might have had an accident", or other worries. Their care for others becomes clouded by personal anxiety. Health professionals as well as carers and parents often slip into this state. Taking the essence brings the ability to care with compassion and empathy but without anxiety.

Rock Rose - Terror or Strong Fear. In emergencies, there is often a feeling of panic as well as severe fear and terror. Some people who are sensitive suffer these deeper fears on unseen levels. This fear can paralyse you, or can give children nightmares. Taking Rock Rose brings tremendous inner calm and courage in all situations, including the most frightening.

Rock Water - Perfectionism. The extreme type is self-denial and self-repression, but far more commonly a state arises for a person who achieves to high standards 'a Saint'. They would congratulate anyone else achieving these standards, but continue to give themselves a hard time, finding ever more work to do instead of making time to relax. Rock Water helps you be kind and gentle to yourself, and respect your own needs.

Scleranthus - Indecisive and Uncertain. Difficulty in making decisions, or deciding between two alternatives. The mind keeps darting about, making the person unhappy, yet unwilling to ask for advice. The person is are subject to changeable moods and so can be unreliable. The positive side is to bring inner balance and the ability to make a prompt decision.

Star of Bethlehem - Shock. Shock can be recent or from the more distant past, yet still leaves its stain on physical, emotional and mental levels. The body's natural healing powers can be blocked, either by a single recent or past shock, or by 'long slow shock' in a traumatic childhood. Shock brings numbness. Taking the essence dissolves the effects of shock and helps one be calm and unruffled in any emergency.

Sweet Chestnut - Desolation and Extreme Mental Anguish. Often accompanied by a feeling of aloneness, as though one is in the pit of despair, or a tunnel with no light to be seen, such that sympathy or love from another has no effect. 'The dark night of the soul'. The positive side is release from the tunnel or pit, allowing one to move positively forward with confidence and faith that support will always be there.

Vervain - Over-Enthusiasm. Vervain people think they are right, and intensely try to convert others to their point of view. They push themselves hard, expending a great deal of effort, and find it difficult to relax. Taking Vervain calms the busy mind, allowing one to relax, and creating a relaxed attitude of sharing rather than inflicting one's beliefs and point of view.

Vine - Domination and Dictatorial. Vine people know they are right and have no need to listen to anyone else. 'The chairman who manages without the committee, even when the committee there'. Often capable, they may turn ruthless and cruel and put others down. Ideal for bullies. Taking Vine brings the positive aspects of calm, wise leadership and authority, able to bring out the best in others without controlling them.

Walnut - Link-Breaker, Protecting against Outside Influences. At times, particularly when inner change is needed, it is easy to allow oneself to be shackled by old ties or restrictions, rather than letting go and moving confidently into the new situation. Particular times are house or job moves, relationship changes, bereavement, pregnancy and the menopause. Walnut protects you, allowing inner change and growth to occur, unaffected by past or present external circumstances. Helps you stay on the straight-and-narrow.

Water Violet - Superior and Aloof. These people feel superior. This superiority drives a wedge between them and others in their own minds, causing a separation which appears as aloofness and loneliness. Although calm and capable, they may appear proud or condescending. The positive side is warm integration into society, sharing gifts of wisdom and healing with others.

White Chestnut - Persistent Unwanted Thoughts. The incessant mental chatter which goes on and on, often with one thought stuck and returning time and again, can lead to a troubled mind and lack of sleep or concentration. Taking this remedy brings calm and peace to the mind, allowing you to think clearly and positively.

Wild Oat - Life's True Path is Unclear. Whether at a cross-roads in life or not, there are people who are unsure and lack direction. They may be talented but have not found the right occupation - they are uncommitted to a specific direction. Wild Oat brings clear view to the correct direction, and helps illuminate any blockages that are stopping one from pursing it.

Wild Rose - Apathy and Resignation. Sad and indifferent to the difficult or unpleasant circumstances they find themselves in, people needing this essence have become resigned to their fate, and have lost the willpower and spark that would help them to change it. The positive side is a lively enthusiasm for life, and renewed zest. They accomplish things easily and effortlessly, and put nothing off till tomorrow through apathy.

Willow - Bitterness and Resentment. Hard knocks in life, either to ourselves, or to others can lead firstly to dented optimism, then to a feeling of "It's not fair" or "Why me?" or "Why them?" and finally to bitterness or resentment. Such emotion harboured inside is a dangerous inhibitor of the immune system and one's powers of self healing, whether it relates to recent or past hurts. The positive aspects of Willow are restored optimism and faith in life, a forgiving nature and an understanding of personal power and responsibility.

Rescue Remedy (Nelson's)
Five Flower Essence (Healing Herbs)
Emergency Essence (Crystal Herbs and Sun Essences)
RQ, RQ6, RQ7 (Milagra)
Situations de Crise (Deva)

The classic combination, formulated by Dr Bach, consists of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. Some add Larimar, Self Heal or Lotus to enhance the effect. Rescue Remedy helps dissolve the emotional effects of shock, fear, accidents and emergencies, restoring calm and stability.


Master's Flower Essences (California, USA)

Almond - Self-control, calmness of mind and nerves. Helps those with very active lives, who require more time in the day.

Apple - Healthfulness. To be conscious of health, vitality, joy, and energy. Also for fear of illness, and periods of discouragement, lethargy and doubt.

Avocado - Sharp memory. For when quick, clear thinking is required, or when detailed tasks are undertaken. Helps creativity.

Banana - Humility and Calm. Brings detachment and the ability to step back and observe. Dissolves emotional over-involvement in situations.

Blackberry - Purity of Thought. Counters scepticism and denial in the 'no-nonsense' type of person. Brings optimism and a positive outlook on life.

Cherry - Cheerfulness. 'The Emotional Lightener' - dissolves moodiness, bringing an optimistic even-minded approach to life's ups and downs.

Coconut - Upliftment. For times of challenge or struggle, brings upliftment and a solution-orientated state of mind. Frees one from restlessness and helps one to rise mentally above the mundane.

Corn - Mental Vitality. 'The I Can Essence'. For freshness and newness, new beginnings and enthusiasm. Helps get rid of stale thoughts and old habits.

Date - Sweetness and Tenderness. Brings acceptance and tolerance of others for who they are, dissolving any tendency to judgement and criticism. Relieves loneliness, boredom and feelings that life has no meaning.

Fig - Flexibility. For people who are too hard on themselves, despite high achievements. Helps dissolve self-imposed limits by allowing appreciation of a wider perspective.

Grape - Love and Devotion. For those who feel a lack of love in their lives, to bring the innate ability to love unconditionally and selflessly. Helpful for bereavement, separation or divorce.

Lettuce - Calmness. 'The Unruffler'. Stills excited emotions, bringing inner calm before, during and after the storms of life. Helps ground and balance highly creative people.

Orange - To Banish Depression. Dissolves depression and down-heartedness, bringing an uplifting flow of energy. Can awaken the potential for great joy.

Peach - Selflessness. The 'Mother' essence. Brings concern for the welfare of others, and compassion and service to those in need. Dissolves selfishness.

Pear - Peacefulness. The 'Emergency Essence'. Helps recovery from shocks, accidents, surgery, illness and childbirth, and other times of great stress. Brings a dynamic, energetic, relaxed state of mind.

Pineapple - Self-Assuredness. Dissolves insecurity, shyness and self-doubt. Brings belief in one's own abilities, and helps one feel centred and complete.

Raspberry - Kind-Heartedness. For forgiveness and a sympathetic nature. Dissolves over-sensitivity and helps one get over old hurts and discords.

Spinach - Simplicity. 'The Uncomplicator'. Brings child-like trust and contentment. For stress and stress-related issues, for an overly analytical state of mind, and for people who take themselves too seriously.

Strawberry - Dignity. For self-confidence and self-esteem and strength of character. Clears guilt.

Tomato - Mental Strength and Courage. 'The Warrior Essence'. Helps one to live in the affirmation of victory over life's trials, with protection on psychic levels. Helps battling with addictions to food, smoking or any unwanted habit.


The Bach and Master's sets have been both detailed in full. The following essences are some of the most important essences in the Australian Bush range.

Australian Bush Remedies

Banksia Robur - Brings enjoyment of and interest in life, dissolving loss of drive and enthusiasm.

Billy Goat Plum - Dissolves shame, sexual revulsion and dislike of disgust with part of one's body. Brings acceptance of the physical body and relaxes one to allow sexual pleasure and enjoyment.

Black Eyed Susan - The pattern of imbalance is to be rushing, always on the go and impatient. The essence brings inner peace, and an ability to slow down, turn inward and be still.

Bush Fuchsia - Dissolves the inability to balance the logical and rational with the intuitive and creative. Stops one ignoring gut feelings. Brings a trust in, ability to follow and development of the intuition.

Bush Gardenia - Improves communication, passion and interest in others, stopping one taking one's loved ones for granted, or being unaware of others.

Crowea - Balances and centres you, bringing you in touch with your feelings. Negative picture is feeling not quite right, out of balance or worrying.

Dagger Hakea - Brings forgiveness and open expression of feelings, removing bitterness or resentment towards close family, friends or lovers.

Five Corners - Brings love and acceptance of self, ability to celebrate one's own beauty and allows one's true self to stand out. Dissolves lack of self-esteem, low self-confidence, self-dislike and self-sabotage

Flannel Flower - Brings gentleness, joy in all physical expression and touch, sensuality and a trust to express and reveal oneself. Removes dislike of being touched and feelings of discomfort with intimacy.

Fringed Violet - Removers the effect of past or present distress, bringing healing to the aura and our emotional aspects. Brings strong psychic protection.

Grey Spider Flower - Dissolves terror, panic, the tendency to nightmares of unknown origin and fear of the supernatural. Brings faith, calm and courage.

Isopogon - Brings ability to learn from past experiences and retrieval of forgotten skills. Dissolves stubbornness and controlling aspects of personality.

Jacaranda - For decisiveness, clear-mindedness and focused attention. Pattern of imbalance is being scattered, changeable, dithering, unfocused and rushing.

Kangaroo Paw - Brings a relaxed attitude, sensitivity, savoir-faire, and enjoyment of people. Helps people who are unaware of appropriate social behaviour, who are awkward, clumsy, self-centred or insensitive to other peoples' needs.

Little Flannel Flower - For those who are too serious or deny the 'child' within us, this essence brings playfulness, spontaneity and an ability to have fun.

Mountain Devil - For hatred, jealousy, anger, suspicion and holding of grudges. This essence brings forgiveness, happiness, inner peace and unconditional love.

Old Man Banksia - For those who are disheartened or weary, this essence brings an ability to cope with whatever life brings.

Philotheca - For those with excessive generosity or an inability to accept acknowledgement, this essence gives an ability to accept praise, acknowledgement and love, helping one feel open to abundance.

Red Grevillea - Brings boldness and the ability to withstand other peoples' judgements, giving the strength to leave unpleasant situations. For those who feel stuck, reliant on others or affected by their criticism.

She Oak - Dissolves emotional distress associated with infertility.

Silver Princess - For those lacking direction in life, who are aimless or despondent. Enhances motivation and a sense of life's purpose and direction,

Slender Rice Flower - Brings humility, co-operation and group harmony and a perception of beauty in others. Dissolves narrow-mindedness, prejudice and racism, especially in rooted in comparing oneself with others.

Southern Cross - Brings a positive attitude, enabling one to take personal power and responsibility for oneself and one's actions. Dissolves victim mentality and poverty consciousness, and for those who blame others.

Spinifex - Empowers through awareness and understanding of the emotional causes of disease. Removes the sense of being a victim to illness.

Sturt Desert Pea - For deep emotional hurt, pain and sadness. Triggers healthy grieving and allows letting go of deeply held grief and sadness.

Sturt Desert Rose - Dissolves guilt and low self-esteem and stops one being easily led. Brings courage, conviction and integrity.

Sundew - For procrastination, lack of focus and feeling spaced out or disconnected. Brings clarity focus and attention to detail whilst being firmly grounded.

Tall Yellow Top - Gives a sense of belonging to those who feel isolated, alienated or lonely.

Waratah - For black despair, hopelessness or being unable to respond to a crisis. Brings courage, faith tenacity, adaptability and the ability to tap one's innate survival skills.

Wild Potato Bush - For those who feel weighed down and stuck, brings freedom to move on in life.

Wisteria - For women who feel uncomfortable about their sexuality or for fears arising from past sexual abuse, or for macho males whose sexuality is out of balance. Brings trust, fulfilment and enjoyment of sexuality, openness and gentleness.