Flower Remedies & Emotional Healing

Welcome to Dr Andrew's site! 

Here we'll look at Life as a Journey of Learning and Personal Growth.  And if life is a journey of learning and personal growth, let's look at some ideas and maps that make it easy - and let's discover some tools to help us!

Reflection is a key part of being a person.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x62uJBMVE_k

Here is a list of Andrew's films

Drops from Nature


7 minutes of joy, exploring how flower essences can help us. Beautifully filmed by Charles Wood, and interviewed by Rebecca Pow



Choosing and Using Flower Essences


11 minutes of discussion and demonstration of flower essence choosing


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Odq1yn41P8  and a second piece Indigo Essences:




A Wish for Life


Another short piece exploring popular philosophy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scK3wg6heCw


A Family Is….


Perennial wisdom to remind us of the importance of honouring connections



Nature’s Alchemy


A 37 minute DVD shown in an International On-line Film Festival, showing how the different depths of nature can stir our soul and affect us – warning, quite soporific if you make it to the end…. (might help an insomniac said one of my friends, not sure if a compliment or not..)



Electrosensitivity – Russian Television


The name of presenter is Sergey Malozemov. 

"The scientific investigation of Sergey Malozemov. City- the killer"

Here is the link on the film on YouTube 

http://youtu.be/zFfDDvm57mg or on TV channel




For a list of recommended books etc, please see Recommendations.